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Our Focus

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Turning marketing into revenue.

Leadline turns digital marketing into revenue for your business. We prioritize sustainable, high-impact growth with digital marketing solutions tailored to your strategic business goals. Our data-based, deeply collaborative approach drives results for every digital marketing objective:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Building an Audience
  • Website Traffic
  • Content Clicks
  • Downloads
  • Product Knowledge
  • Online Leads
  • Customer Chat & Support
  • Ticket Sales
  • Event Attendance
  • Online Bookings
  • Ecommerce

Accurately measuring return on investment can be incredibly challenging for business owners online. Leadline’s reliance on analytics eliminates the ambiguity. We relentlessly track, measure and optimize every effort to align your digital footprint with your target outcomes.

As your digital marketing partners, our team communicates clearly about the direct impacts of your investment. We document results in your personal Dashboard, which provides transparent, on-demand visibility of your digital marketing strategy at work.

// 360 Focus

Marketing with purpose builds loyal customers who do more for your business.

Our 360 Customer Marketing Focus develops a continuous stream of incoming and maturing revenue. Driving new client acquisition. Expanding your services with existing customers. Engaging and reactivate dormant accounts.

Leadline maximizes the value of your hard-earned relationships by building a digital marketing ecosystem around your brand. We unlock the needs of your ideal customers and help you show up to every touchpoint with a message designed for them. The result is powerful continuity throughout the customer journey.

// competition

Our Focus

Strategic visibility is essential for growing your business online, but digital marketing options can feel overwhelming.

Leadline’s Marketing Competitive Assessment simplifies this problem for new and prospective clients by providing a clear picture of your digital footprint. This straightforward audit compares your visibility online to your top competitors and outlines specific steps to win in the digital marketplace.

Our process begins with your website: the center of your digital marketing ecosystem. We explore your web design, functionality, content, and user experience and ask critical questions: Are you projecting the branding or image you intended? How does it feel to navigate the site? Is it easy for users to take your conversion actions?

Next, we assess your Search visibility. What core products, services and search terms matter to your business? How do you rank for these keywords and phrases? Does your target audience know you exist? The results of the Marketing Competitive Assessment are often shocking to clients. Many assume they appear on the first page of Google until we locate their listing on page eight, nine or ten. These findings should not be discouraging—the Marketing Competitive Assessment provides the perspective you need to take the next best steps.

Leadline also weighs your social media marketing, blog, and other materials (if applicable) against your competition: In what ways are competitors speaking to your target audience? How frequently are they posting? Which content engages users the most? We take the guesswork out of this rapidly evolving landscape and identify high-value social media marketing strategies for your specific business goals.

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